Label Free Biosensors: A List

Since the release of first label free biosensor -Biacore – in early 1990s the label free biosensors have become gold standards for measuring biomolecular interactions. Before the introduction of label free biosensing technology the predominant means for detection biomolecular interaction was based on ELISA/FIA format. Though widely used, these methods required binding partners to be labeled with enzyme, fluorophore or radiolabel for detection. Labels invariably affected the binding kinetics of interaction by modifying the structure of binding partners. In addition, the measurements were typically end point assay making it difficult to get association and dissociation constants of the binding reaction. Introduction of Biacore fundamentally altered the way the biomolecular interactions are studied by enabling measurement of binding event in real time. Since the introduction of Biacore, several other label free biosensing platforms have been introduced in the market. Most of them are based on optical properties like surface Plasmon resonance, diffraction gratings and Total internal Reflection. However, new technologies are being introduced into the market on a regular basis. For example measuring heat released or absorbed during binding event to measure kinetics or using micro-cantilever technology based on Atomic Force Microscopy platform to measure change in height. Below you will find a list of companies offering Label Free Biosensors.

Please let me know if I have missed some companies. Please acknowledge the site if you are disseminating this information anywhere else.

The list of companies has been updated  with clickable links  and is available in Resources page (Dec 28; 2009): Updated List of Label Free Biosensing Companies 


7 responses to “Label Free Biosensors: A List

  1. Hi
    just to let you know that there is new SPR instrment available that is not mentioned on your list. SPRNavi by BioNavi OY. It is made by a Fininsh company that has a distrbution partner in Japan and Russia. It is also sold and distubuted by Biolin Scientific (formally KSV instuments).

  2. two more companies for your list : RAPid 4 (QCM) ( ) and QCMA-1 and SPR-2 (

  3. List has been updated.

  4. Hi,
    Just to add more exact data to Adama Sesay’s response about a new SPR instrument on the market:
    Company name: BioNavis Ltd. (
    Worldide distributor: Biolin Scientific Ltd. (former KSV Instruments)
    Japan distributor: Altech Co.Ltd. (

  5. You have left off 3-4 other LF companies that have been in the business for 5+years each. Each one has a greater installed based than perhaps any of the other newer/smaller market share cos you list – Forte Bio, SRU Biosystems (both working under “resonance” category) and ACEA Biosciences, Cell Key working under LF impedance biosensors. The plate-based cell assay LF biosensor is probably the largest and fastest growing segment of the LF biosensor category.

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