List of interesting companies offering novel assays/assay platforms(Updated March 23, 2010)

Label Free Biosensing List: The Next Frontier (Updated Nov 4, 2009)

Label Free Biosensing_Company List_v5: (Updated January, 2011)

Research Groups with Biosensor Connections (Updated July 2009: Working to update it soon)

Companies/Reserach Labs Offering Microfluidics Solutions from Wikipedia

International R&D in Biosensing a useful report published in 2004


7 responses to “Resources

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  2. Can you add Wasatch Microfluidics to your Microfluidics Solutions list?

  3. I’m creating a short course on label-free assays in drug discovery (premiers at Screening Europe in Barcelona in February; and ran across your nice list of companies working on label-free sensing. Thanks; I picked up a couple that I had missed.

    In return, I can offer the following seven additions to the list:
    Maven Ellipsometry imaging
    BiOptix SPR (measure phase shift)
    Fujifilm SPR
    Graffinity SPR imaging (for fragment-based drug discovery)
    Biametrics Reflective interferometry (not sure whether they’re really in business now)
    Akubio (web site apparently under redesign) QCM
    Seahorse Biosciences Cellular metabolic rate (H+ production, O2 consumption)

    Best regards,
    Jack Owicki

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  5. LSPR label-free technology being commercialized in 2011. Please add to your list.

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